My two kittens flew in a few days ago. I took one glance and could not believe how gorgeous they both looked. The female is outstandingly beautiful and elegant. The male is so handsome and unique looking. Their looks are one of a kind. I have never seen such amazingly beautiful looking Maine Coons. Previous photos that were sent to me, didn’t do them justice. These are the topmost quality Maine Coons. What I found completely amazing for the breed, is how loving and affectionate they both are, and how they love to snuggle and purr. Clearly, they were raised with a lot of love and confidence building behavior. Both are very intelligent and responsive. THANK YOU to Skylar Maine Coon Cattery for preserving such outstanding bloodlines and for breeding such beautiful Maine Coons.

Teresa R. Alexandre
– Austin, TX

We received Grace at Miami airport 3 days ago. We were very concerned about the flight, but everything worked just fine , Thanks to Skylar Maine Coon Cattery. As soon as we saw Grace we knew that she was special. Not only absolutely beautiful but such a sweet personality. She sat on my lap for the long 2hr drive, she wanted to be petted, and by time we got home she was sleeping right on my lap. We were already friends. Thanks Skylar Maine Coon Cattery, it’s so exciting to have a new family member.

Sheila D. Smith
– Overland Park, KS

I received ‘Christian Golden Tulip’ on Tuesday morning. He was exactly what his picture described and his level of affection and socialism was amazing. He is growing and developing beautifully in look, intelligence, personality and charm. In just 2 weeks Christian so at 4.5 months he is 18 inch long from nose to tail with a 12 inch tail, and weighs approximately 7 lbs. He is well loved and enjoyed. Thank you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery for providing a beautiful boy for my family.

Ethel J. Trudeau –
Harrisonburg, LA

Ohh….. my boy ‘Chance’is devine. He arrived two days ago and is so loving. Thank you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery for your ever helpful patience with my millions of questions and worries. Just like you said , the travel was a breeze.

Merry J. Payne

Aurora, IL

Dear Skylar Maine Coon Cattery, thanks to you all for our stunning Angelo! He’s an absolutely adorable creature, beautiful and loyal, like our angel. Since he arrived, our home became more cosy and warm. He became best friend of our dog Rusty and our children were just charmed by our new family member! We start thinking about another maine coon as an additional friend for our boy. It’s like a drug: when you try once, you just fall in love with this wonderful breed and can’t stop thinking about getting a new charming kitty! Thank you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery for your patience, and detailed responses to our questions.

Josephine G. Mendoza

Saint Louis, MO

Skylar Maine Coon Cattery was so informative, very prompt with responsiveness and helped us through the whole shipping process. Our kitten has a wonderful temperament and came out of her shipping crate demonstrating affection and a relaxed confidence. She stole our hearts immediately! If we were to seek another kitten in the future, our first choice will be Big Paw Maine Coons.

Carmen M. Stone

Tullytown, PA

We received our 2 kittens last week from Skylar Maine Coon Cattery. They’re so affectionate and social. They had a long flight and were in great condition upon landing. The owners of Skylar Maine Coon Cattery were very easy to deal with and helpful with all our questions. We are so impressed with their personalities and looks of our kittens. We have decided to get another one from this breeder.

Yolanda M. Harris

Baton Rouge, LA

Xolani arrived just a little more than a week ago and has quickly adapted to her new nome. We picked her up after a long flight and she was already showing us her affectionate nature. She is, without a doubt, the most adorable fur baby I have ever had the pleasure to take in as part of our family. She has a soft silky, thick coat and the most adorable long fluffy tail. She “talks” to us with soft trills and is bigger at 6 months than our 2 year old Maine Coon mix rescue. Thank you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery or being a top rate cattery that raised her before she came to our home. We all love her.

Paula S. Phelps

Bremen, OH

I’m in love with my boy ‘Mario” !! he gives me so much attention… I get face rubs, kisses, facials, head butts, he has even held my face with his paws. When I pick him up sometimes I get human type huggs. All of these attributes can only come from excellent breeding choices and a healthy environment. I am more than Happy with my baby boy. Thank you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery!!

Michael T. Colon

Winder, GA

What to say about Gucci? We love her!!! We got her on Tuesday and she has been spoiled since her arrival in Texas! She is simply magnificent, from her looks to her disposition, everything regarding her is exactly as Skylar Maine Coon Cattery told us she would be. We had a wonderful experience with them! Thank you again!!!!!

John L. Dickman

Callender, IA

I am splendidly happy with my smoke boy, Xavier. He arrived very healthy, very loving, has a very unique personality. Physically he is everything I wanted, purrfection! Colors are vibrant. Eyes are goldenly clear, bright, and curious. Ears true to maine coons straight with tufts of hair on the tips, paws? goodness, are you sure those aren’t snow shoes? Lol Yes he needs to grow into those ears and paws but that’s fine by me. Thank you by the way for the nails being trimmed when I got him. Big thanks to you Skylar Maine Coon Cattery!

Everette A. Mickens

Pittsburgh, PA

It has been 4 months since we welcomed Chad and Zangesa from Skylar Maine Coon Cattery into our cattery. They are amazing and have grown to be wonderful. No problems what so ever. And the process was simple and Skylar Maine Coon Cattery was very helpful. Thank you!

Janina D. Acevedo

Karnes City, TX

It’s been a year since we got a Maine Coon from Skylar Maine Coon Cattery, really what can I say… They’re great people who really care about, and love every cat that goes through their house. I love that they are always available for any questions I may have. I believe their cats are way above much of the competition at even a lower price point. Keep up the great work guys!

Erline W. Tucker

Ponca City, OK

I truly recommend Maine Coons from Skylar Maine Coon Cattery to all presumptive Maine Coon buyers! They answered all my questions (and there were MANY questions)lol !! and sent photos and/or films every week.

Leslie N. Green

Statesville, NC

We got our Flint yesterday. He is the sweetest playful kitten. Skylar Maine Coon Cattery was very informative, always kept us updated on what was going on with Flint. She sent us pictures of him every month to show how he is growing until he could be with us. When We picked Flint up from the airport he was ready to get out the cage but he was so warming already. He gets along with our other animals. He is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad He is in our lives!

Tina B. Oneil

Engadine, MI

Excellent breeders who love their cats. All of their babies are raised in their home and the breeders are totally willing to answer all questions and help you as best as possible. I have physically interacted with their cats and they live comfortably and are very happy. Will definitely consider another cat from them in the future!

Douglas D. Hofstetter
– Las Vegas, NV