First of all, I want to say that kittens from Skylar Maine Coon Cattery now live not only in different countries, but also on different continents.
At the time of this writing, we consider millie silk a record holder, because she had a journey of more than 11000 kilometers = 6835 miles (Kiev-Amsterdam-Tokyo flight) and she very quickly found a common language with the new owner!
I think that this fact should calm you a little if you are worried about the shipping (delivery) of your kitten! 

I want to draw your attention to the fact that we always adhere to the principle of “kitten’s interests above all else” when planning delivery.
This means that the journey should be as comfortable and safe as possible for the kitten.

That is why we do not ship our cats by private intermediaries-carriers, as well as with bus drivers through Europe, USA and conductors in trains.
We cooperate only with the licensed international company KLM Cargo and its partners that have extensive experience in the delivery of animals. Otherwise, the delivery is carried out personally by one of the owners of the cattery.

Delivery of a kitten is a long process that begins long before the actual date of delivery. It includes several preliminary stages, without which successful and comfortable delivery is impossible.

Step 1. Preparation of the Standard Package of Documents for a Kitten

This step includes chipping, different parasites treatment, vaccination, preparation of kitten registration documents, making mandatory tests for imports (if required) and much more. We wrote more about this in more detail in «Official Documents» article.

Step 2. Purchase of necessary for transportation goods

As a rule, we start buying all the necessary for transportation goods 1 month before the expected delivery date.
At this moment we already understand the size of the kitten at the time of shipment and, therefore, what size of the cat carrier does it need to feel most comfortable.

Regardless of whether the kitten travels by car or plane, we buy a plastic cat carrier that meets the IATA standard, i.e. is suitable for air travel. These cat carriers are the safest and most comfortable for transporting animals. They are made of dense plastic and have iron doors with a secure lock.

We also prepare a soft pillow and a small blanket. We make a small hole out of it so that the kitten can feel completely safe in the cat carrier.
We attach a disposable cat litter pad to the top of the pillow with special safety pins.
A large bowl for water and a bowl for food are essential attributes of the cat carrier.
The cost of all the necessary goods for transportation is included in the cost of the delivery itself.

Step 3. Coordination of the exact delivery date

After the second vaccination (revaccination) or receiving the results of rabies virus antibody test, when we know the exact date of the end of the quarantine, we can agree with you the exact date of delivery.

a) If you choose delivery by KLM Cargo and its partners

If you choose air delivery by KLM Cargo and its partners, we pre-book a ticket for a cat as for unaccompanied cargo. This means that a cat will fly to you without an accompanying passenger, but in a specially equipped for animals cargo compartment.

The airline manager will contact you to receive confirmation from you that you are ready to receive a kitten when it arrives at your city’s international airport or the airport in another city, if it is more convenient for you to pick up a kitten there (we agree on the airport at the stage of concluding the contract). The manager will give you detailed information about where you can get your kitten (the number or name of the terminal, the cargo office or another place on the airport territory), and what documents you will need for this.

After the flight for your kitten is booked, we will send you all the flight information and AWB number to your email, that you can use to track a kitten’s movement on the airline’s website (tracking code).